Prince Harry Revealed the Christmas Present the Queen Gave Archie & It’s So Handy

Meghan Markle, Archie Harrison, Prince Harry
Photo: James Whatling / MEGA.

The gift that keeps on giving. Prince Harry’s son Archie’s Christmas present from the Queen is something he gets to enjoy every day—but once you hear what it is, you might wonder what a toddler is doing with such an unlikely gift.

The Duke of Sussex, 36, revealed on the Thursday, February 25 episode of The Late Late Show that his 21-month-old received none other than a waffle maker from Her Majesty. But what’s Archie supposed to do with a kitchen appliance? Don’t worry; Meghan and Harry’s son isn’t cooking up breakfast pastries on his own. Harry explained to host James Corden that Meghan—who is currently pregnant with their second child—whips up organic waffles for Archie every day.

“My son is now just over a year and a half. He is hysterical. He’s got the most amazing personality,” Harry said, gushing about his son. “He’s already putting three, four words together, he’s already singing songs.”

The proud dad went on to reveal Archie’s first word before getting into what a typical day with Meghan and Archie looks like, now that they live in Santa Barbara, California.

Harry explained, “Depending on how the day’s been, how busy it’s been: Do Archie’s tea, give him a bath, read him a book, put him down, go downstairs, Meg might cook a meal, might order a takeaway, go upstairs, sit in bed, turn the TV on, watch some Jeopardy!, maybe watch a little bit of Netflix.”

Part of their daily routine, of course, is to make the most of the Queen’s present for Archie. “My grandmother asked us what Archie wanted for Christmas and Meg said a waffle maker. So she sent us a waffle maker,” Harry said of Queen Elizabeth, 94. “So at breakfast now, Meg makes up a beautiful organic mix, in the waffle maker, flip it, out it comes. He loves it.” The duke personally likes to add “a bit of yogurt, a bit of jam on top… a bit of berries, maybe some honey, maybe some syrup.”

Meanwhile, the Late Late Show host’s reaction is all of ours: “You’re glossing over the fact that I cannot for the life of me imagine the queen ordering a waffle maker to be sent to Santa Barbara,” he joked. But it’s all the same to Archie. As Harry shares, “Archie wakes up in the morning and literally goes, ‘Waffle?'” So cute!

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