Prince’s Cause of Death Was an Opioid Overdose, Officials Report



Prince’s cause of death was revealed as an opioid overdose, according to a US law enforcement official via the Associated Press. After weeks of speculation following his April 21 death at his home in Minnesota at age 57, test results released today confirm that his death came as a result of opioids.

On April 15, Prince’s private plane had to make an emergency stop in Moline, Illinois, en route from a show he’d played at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. Though initial reports said the stop was because of complications related to the flu, AP reported that Prince lost consciousness on the plane and had to be administered a shot of Narcan, which is used in opioid overdoses.

An investigation being conducted by the Carver County Sheriff’s Office, the US Attorney’s Office in Minnesota and the Drug Enforcement Administration has also found that Dr. Michael Todd Schulenberg, a family doctor, prescribed medications for Prince and saw him on April 7 and April 20.

Though Prince was known for clean living, his friend and collaborator Sheila E. said that Prince had hip and knee pain after years of performing in heels, according to the AP.