Why You Should Be Excited That Primark is Coming to the U.S.

Leah Bourne
primark21 Why You Should Be Excited That Primark is Coming to the U.S.

Photo: Primark’s Facebook.

Late last year, European fast-fashion retailer Primark announced that it was planning to enter the U.S. market, but now new details have emerged as to how and when it’s actually happening. Instead of setting up stand-alone stores, the brand will debut in select East Coast Sears locations over the next year.

Before you roll your eyes at the Sears connection (the home of the Kardashian Kollection), there’s quite a bit to be excited about with Primark.

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First and foremost, it’s really cheap—the powder blue duster coat pictured above, for instance, retails for just £23 (around $35)—and it’s a great go-to for stylish basics like lingerie and denim, all with prices that make Zara feel like Barneys.

Beyond basics, the retailer has gotten attention for upping its fashion game in recent years. In stores now: strappy stilettos inspired by Manolo Blahniks (the Primark version is around $18), on-trend maxi cardigans for around $11, and black slip-in sneakers for around $21.

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Because of this, Primark is regularly credited for inspiring the “hauling” trend, when shoppers share pictures and make YouTube videos detailing their shopping sprees at a retailer.

And while Primark has entirely shied away from e-commerce—stock at the value retailer simply changes too frequently—it has developed a reputation for being an insanely fun store to shop. Not only can you pick up a cool pair of ripped jeans, but most locations offer experiences like the Love Beauty Brow & Nail Studio, where you can get your brows shaped for $8 and a gel manicure for $38.

No word on what the Primark experience in the U.S. will be like, given the fact that the retailer will sharing space with Sears, but we have a feeling fun things are the horizon.