#ChicEats: The 25 Best Made-for-Instagram Doughnuts Across the Country

Kristen Bateman
#ChicEats: The 25 Best Made-for-Instagram Doughnuts Across the Country
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With the exception of avocado toast, there are few foods that Instagram loves more than a pretty doughnut. In fact, it’s not an overstatement to say it’s basically a law that the classic treats now be as photo-ready as they are delicious, which is why an increasing number of doughnut shops across the country are stepping up their game in a big, big way.

Among the upgrades given to the new generation of the deep-fried pastry: Nouveau flavors like matcha, buttermilk, and lavender; work-of-art colors; and creative adornments like edible flowers. And don’t even get us started on savory varieties like one particularly decadent doughnut filled with Canadian bacon, cream cheese, and jalapeño jelly.

Because of this—and the fact that we really don’t know anyone who dislikes doughnuts—we’ve rounded up 25 of the prettiest creations across the U.S. Read on for our favorites in the gallery above (and step away from the glazed).

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Firecakes Donuts: Chicago's Firecakes' doughnuts are insanely beautiful—just take a look at the bakery's signature Birthday Doughnut.

Voodoo Doughnut: Portland, Oregon's Voodoo Doughnuts has become a favorite of food-focused reality TV shows, and for good reason. The doughnuts are as decorative as they are creative, featuring everything from voodoo-doll-shaped treats to options decorated with cat faces. Plus, the creations change daily.

Donut Bar: OK, you know that beautiful doughnuts exist. But San Diego–based Donut Bar takes things to the next level with a doughnut ice cream cone. Yes, really. More of a classicist? The traditional doughnuts also come highly recommended.

Doughnut Vault: Chicago's Doughnut Vault sells deliciously beautiful creations that are glazed and topped to perfection. Think: mocha coconut crunch cake or a salted caramel old fashioned.

Sidecar Doughnuts: With locations in Santa Monica and Costa Mesa, California, Sidecar Doughnuts puts an emphasis on seriously gorgeous (and delicious) doughnuts. Think: glazed and covered in edible flowers, or buttermilk varieties topped with pretty, fresh fruits.

Photo: Sidecar Doughnuts

Underwest Donuts: This New York City spot, located in Manhattan's Midtown West neighborhood, serves up perfectly round doughnuts topped with chocolate candies, in flavors such as mulled cider glazed and even vanilla-lavender varieties.

Doughnut Plant: Established in the '90s, this doughnut shop with locations throughout New York City and Brooklyn offers sweets that are literally works of art. Of course, the shop has all the basics covered—but when holidays come around, expect some colorful, interesting options in addition to flavors such as wild blueberry and matcha green tea.

Dun-Well Doughnuts: Brooklyn's very own all-vegan doughnut shop sells more than 200 different rotating varieties of delightfully puffy, pretty doughnuts.

Dough: With locations throughout New York City and Brooklyn, Dough has become a city institution of sorts—with its deliciously oversized doughnuts glazed in deep pink (hibiscus), yellow (passion fruit), Nutella, and more.

Photo: Dough

Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts: Known as Charleston, South Carolina's doughnut destination, this shop focuses on treats made with natural fresh ingredients. The fresh fruit toppings on some of the doughnuts make for the perfect food ’Gram.

Photo: Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts

Peter Pan Donut and Pastry Shop: Not only are these classic treats worth Instagramming, the throwback-style interior of the Brooklyn shop is also made for the ’Gram.

Dynamo Donut + Coffee: San Francisco's Dynamo Donut sells the kind of mouthwateringly messy doughnuts that look best in a box of at least a dozen.

Glazed and Confused: Like the name suggests, Glazed and Confused of Denver, Colorado, makes doughnuts that come with a hearty glaze of sugar, fruit, chocolate, and more and are topped with a delish dose of whipped cream.

Photo: Glazed and Confused

Federal Donuts: Philadelphia's doughnut and fried chicken chain has some of the best classic doughnuts we've ever tried. That said, the classic, fried option that comes with an order of wings is probably the most enticing.

Dougnuttery: In the heart of New York's Chelsea, Doughnuttery offers simple, classic options that fit the bill for the kind of vintage, Americana-style doughnuts that make for the perfect Instagram.

Photo: Doughnuttery

Beiler's Bakery: Inside of Philadelphia's Reading Terminal Market, Beiler's sells insanely fresh, delicious doughnuts. Part of the magic and beauty is that you can watch the doughnuts being made, glazed, and dipped in batter as you order.

Astro Doughnuts and Fried Chicken: With locations in Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia, Astro Doughnuts and Fried Chicken is the perfect solution for all your cravings. Plus—the drippy glazes on the doughnuts look incredible.

Photo: Astro Doughnuts and Fried Chicken

Mojo Monkey: Located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Mojo Monkey's doughnuts are special because of their over-the-top topping. S'mores, root beer icing, mango glaze, or potato chips—need we say more?

District Donuts and Sliders: Located in New Orleans, this doughnut shop offers made-from-scratch options that look as delicious as they taste. Bonus points: You can have sliders, too.

Photo: DistrictDonuts and Sliders

Glazed and Confused: Chicago has some pretty excellent doughnuts. Among them: Glazed and Confused, whose sprinkle-covered, chocolate-topped, candy-covered creations are coveted for their taste and look pretty awesome too.

Photo: Glazed and Infused

Sublime Doughnuts: Located in Atlanta, Sublime Doughnuts puts focus and attention on its decorative doughnuts: think, star-shaped, marbled, and stuffed with fresh fruit.

Whoo's Donuts: This Santa Fe, New Mexico, location serves such classics as Boston cream and glazed, topped with mouthwatering additions such as marshmallows and cherries.

Photo: Whoo's Donuts

Gordough's: The magic of this doughnut spot isn't just how deliciously stuffed its options look—you can also create your own by choosing whatever fillings and toppings you prefer. Located in Austin, Texas, the shop also sells savory concoctions such as the Porkey's doughnut, which comes with Canadian bacon, cream cheese, and jalapeño jelly.

The Donut Man: Located in Glendora, California, the Donut Man has been a go-to shop for perfectly glazed, adorable doughnuts for more than 40 years.

Revolution Doughnuts: These doughnuts are stunning and possibly the definition of food porn. Located in Decatur, Georgia, Revolution Doughnuts doesn't skimp on the photo-ready toppings.

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