Pretty And Delicious: Party Snaps

Susie G
Pretty And Delicious: Party Snaps
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Candice Kumai (AKA the Stiletto Chef) celebrated the release of her latest cookbook, Pretty Delicious, at the Bloom Beauty Lounge in New York City this past Tuesday. The event was both pretty and declicious the Bloom Beauty Lounge is a beautifully decorated salon in Chelsea, and the treats served at the party from Candice’s own cookbook were high in yumminess. Party-goers crowded at the back of the Lounge, near the kitchen, to eagerly pick at the catering trays which included nibbles like mini grilled cheese sandwiches dunked in tiny mugs filled with tomato soup, and the mini hamburgers which had a heavenly smell that filled up the entire salon. The pink lemonade cocktails, courtesy of Veev Aa Spirit, were some of the best drinks I’ve ever had in my life!

To see photos of the party-goers, including Candice herself (obvi), check out the photos above!

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Candice Kumai is always at the center of attention!

Stiletto Chef makes the best peanut butter cups and Veev makes the best cocktails!

Candice Kumai with her new book Pretty Delicious

Brandon Acton-Bond and Tiffany from Six Six Sick

Rachel Siegel (left) and Michelle Halpern (right) take a break from the food-filled event

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