Get Ready For The “Heathers” Reboot With a Look Back at the Movie’s Fashion

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Get Ready For The “Heathers” Reboot With a Look Back at the Movie’s Fashion
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Today it was announced that Bravo will be expanding its programming with a scripted drama reboot of Heathers, the cult 1980s film starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater. Apparently, it will follow Veronica (originally played by Ryder) as she moves back to her hometown with her teenage daughter — who deals with the current generation of high school mean girls, known as “the Ashleys.”

While this does make us slightly skeptical — as any remake of a great thing tends to do — it’s also very exciting news for anyone who was a fan of the movie (read: us), and will be a welcome addition to Bravo’s programming in case watching drunk housewives taking their tops off ever gets boring. It’s also exciting because it provides an excuse to revisit the fashion from the original film, which is iconic in its own right.

We have no idea how the millennials on the reboot will dress, but for now, let’s take a look back at the style we came to love in the original Heathers in the gallery above.

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Heathers is a quintessential '80s flick, and the outfits definitely speak to that. Think oversized colored blazers, patchwork, unkempt (or feathered) hair and gaudy accessorizing. For example, we can note a bolero or two in the above photo. Winona Ryder's character Veronica, albeit popular, stood out the most, and her darker costumes reflected that. 

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It doesn't really get chicer than this, and aside from the aforementioned messy hair, everything in this sequence would still be considered trendy today. Okay, maybe we could lose some of the shoulder pads -- but still. From Ryder's military-inspired jacket to the belting, cinched waists and Shannen Doherty's headwear, we wish high school girls still dressed like this. 

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Ryder's T-shirt looks like it could easily transition into a crop top. Paired with a similarly patterned skirt, that would be a hit on any street style blog. Christian Slater looks perfect -- minus the blood and dirt on his face. A leather jacket over a tight band T-shirt and black skinnies sounds like an outfit that Rihanna would wear today. 

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Ryder's "good girl gone bad" ensemble was topped off perfectly with a fedora, and Christian Slater looks disheveled, adorable and dark, which is exactly why girls still fall in love with him when watching this movie. 

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While flirting with Christian Slater, Ryder was laid back in an off-the-shoulder blouse paired with some hybrid of a bodycon dress and a romper. 

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