Pregnancy Expert Rosie Pope On Kim Kardashian’s Maternity Style, How to Look Chic When Expecting

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Love her or hate her, one of the most publicized news stories of the year so far has been Kim Kardashian‘s pregnancy. On New Year’s Eve, it was announced that the reality starlet was expecting a baby with boyfriend Kanye West, and since then, it seems like everyone has been scrutinizing her every move and waiting to see what kind of maternity looks she pulls out of her arsenal. So far, it’s safe to say that Kim hasn’t been wearing roomy comfort clothes from A Pea In the Pod. Instead, she’s been opting for sexy dresses from the likes of Dolce & Gabbana. But what will happen as her baby bump continues to grow? We enlisted the help of Rosie Popematernity designer, pregnancy expert, and star of Bravo’s “Pregnant in Heels”—to shed some light on Kim’s emerging maternity style, and how you can look sexy but still appropriate when a baby’s on the way.

Kim Kardashian loves to dress in sexy, skintight clothes. Is this appropriate while pregnant?

I think the pregnancy bump is a beautiful thing and I love that Kim wants to celebrate it with her style and show the world her curves.

How can she maintain this edgy style, while embracing maternity clothing?

The key is my maternity style mantra: “If you wouldn’t wear it before, don’t wear it now.”  While Kim is shopping for maternity clothes, she should simply stay true to this mantra and buy pieces that suit her style, but are adapted to fit her bump and growing curves. Kim is lucky—it’s very in vogue to wear figure-hugging maternity clothes in tight spandex materials, which is right up her alley. There’s lots of stretchy lace on the market today, so she’ll be able to make the transition seamlessly. She just has to make sure to wear her dresses a little longer as the bump does tend to hike them up!

Are there any key pieces she can add to her wardrobe as her baby bump grows that keep up her sexy style?

She should make sure to keep her signature whites, laces, and leathers, and continue revealing her best assets (just not all of them at once!).

There are lots of myths about high heels and pregnancy, and Kim only wears heels. Is this dangerous? How high a heel can she be wearing, and until what point?

It depends on the pregnancy and how your body is affected by it. Many women can continue wearing heels but others do experience problems from back pain through to sciatic nerve issues. And perhaps the biggest concern, of course, is stability. Bottom line is, moms want to do what is best for the baby, so if Kim has to switch to more stable wedges for a while (or even some chic flats), I know she will.

Kim’s vehicle of choice is a Mercedes McLaren and a Rolls-Royce. Are these vehicles suitable for babies? Any super chic-car seats you think she’ll scoop up?

Fortunately for Kim, there is plenty of room for a car seat in the back seat of a Rolls-Royce. The McLaren, however, just won’t do! There is no back seat to speak of, and that baby certainly cannot ride in the front. Also, people may imagine Kim would bedazzle or adapt a car seat for fashion purposes, but car seats must be used as they are. They are thoroughly safety tested, down to the accessories that come with them, so adding anything to the seat (even silk pillows or jewels!) can compromise the safety of the seat. So, I suggest Kim choose one of the great Maxi Cosis, Gracos, Britaxs and the like on the market that are extremely safe and reliable. Since it is Kim, she may even be able to get them to do a special color for her!

Who are some stars who you think have the best maternity style that she can emulate?

Honestly, I think Kim is a style icon in her own right and won’t be emulating anyone else’s maternity style. I could see a Demi Moore type cover in her future, though!

If you’re attending a big event while pregnant, what are your tips?

Don’t put your heels on until you are about to get out of the car, and make sure to locate the nearest bathroom as you’ll almost certainly need to go.

What are some of your favorite maternity pieces that you think would look good on Kim?

Kim has a fabulously curvy figure that will work beautifully with a lot of maternity clothes.  I know she’s been wearing a lot of black recently, but I would love to see her in my Long Sleeve Cinched Dress in a bright shade like Poppy or Deep Iris. If she wants to show off a bit more cleavage, I think the Catherine Dress would be a great option—slinky, with a deep but classic neckline.

Kim and Kanye’s mansions are totally minimalist and modern. How can they baby-proof?

Modern furniture has a lot of sleek lines, so I would urge them to focus on the sharp corners that come with those sleek lines. So important to cover coffee table edges and other edges that could really hurt a mobile baby. It’s also hugely important that all pools are equipped with tons of safety features, to keep baby from falling in or wandering in unattended. And, of course, there are the basic precautions I suggest to all parents—covers for sockets, safety locks for drawers and cabinets, no free-standing furniture or televisions that can be pulled over on top of little ones.

In terms of protecting their houses (secondary to baby’s safety, of course, but still something to consider) I would recommend stain-proofing fabrics with baby-safe methods, as stains will certainly become a new concern for them.

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