Prairie Underground


The juxtaposition of utility and seduction makes for a charming collection from Prairie Underground. The Seattle-based label proves that it is much more than just a womenswear company that produces clothing, it’s a company that would much rather focus on the fit and flexibility of the garment than on the classification of contemporary sportswear.

“As entirely independent designers we walk a fine line between experimentation and commerce and hope to offer something novel and desirable with each new collection” said Davora Lindner, co-founder of Prairie Underground. “Prairie Underground produces distinct, wearable clothing at a contemporary price point that expands the boundary of personal expression and wear.”

Founded in 2005 by high-school friends Camilla Eckersley and Davora Lindner, Prairie Underground has incorporated sustainable textiles into every collection since 2005.

“It has always been a part of our business ethics to use these materials and we have shied away from describing ourselves exclusively as eco-designers because that only describes a part of our business. We want to be a populist line as well, so matters of accessibility, economy, domestic production and style are all a part of our design parameters.” said Lindner.

“We haven’t achieved success by selling fantasy or image but rather by tapping into the imagination of like-minded women by way of sub cultural reference, precise color and ethical production methods.”

Prairie Underground is available online at