5 Seemingly Banal Routines That Can Fill Your Life with Practical Magic

5 Seemingly Banal Routines That Can Fill Your Life with Practical Magic

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Witchy, New Age-y stuff is so abundant in our zeitgeist that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Between all the crystals, Tarot decks and moon journals, it can seem like there are too many spiritual accessories to process, use or even comprehend. Which practical magic items are worth the time an energy? Which are unnecessary luxuries? And where, oh where, is one to begin?

While a fully decked-out altar may look lovely on Instagram, it won’t necessarily make you happy. And she who dies with the most crystals still, well, dies. So as much as I love “stuff,” I’m happiest spending my money on experiences—or things that connect me to something greater. What’s nice: Some of the greatest joys in life can come from things that seem the most banal. Because sometimes, life’s magic isn’t trapped in trendy, Instagrammable wares—it’s out there, and it’s yours for the taking. You just have to know where to look.

1. Fill your house with fresh flowers

A bunch of roses and tulips can transform a space without breaking the bank. I always have pink roses on my altar, a purple orchid on my coffee table and—often—a bunch of tulips in my living room, too. They remind me of the beauty that is all around us, connect me to the earth and freshen up my home.

2. Photograph your aura

Aura photography is an increasingly trendy form of portraiture. The aura photographer will snap a photo of you and project a visual representation of your aura atop it, allowing you to see your personality in a symbolic, tonal form. Not only is aura photography and interesting reminder that there’s more to each of us that meets the eye—but it’s also veritably stunning.

If you’re in New York City, get down to Chinatown and visit Magic Jewelry for a quick aura photo (and companion reading) that will blow your mind. Not in NYC? One of my dear friends, Christina, runs a traveling aura photography studio called Radiant Human, and her photos are to die for. Beloved by the fashion set, her aura portraits are so beautiful they’re worth framing.

3. Get a manicure that makes you smile

Our hands are the very tips of our body: They are what we use to create, to touch and to receive information. They are the primary way we send energy from our body into the universe. We communicate with our hands all day—typing messages on our phones and computers, gesticulating and adding flourishes to our body language.

So here’s the deal: A sparkly, gem-encrusted or otherwise fabulous manicure absolutely emphasizes the energy you’re putting out. When you honor your hands, you are honoring yourself and your expression. A magical manicure can remind you to be mindful of what you’re about to make manifest. (Am I convinced that I’m a better writer when my manicure is on point? Yes.)

4. Keep your wallet in tip-top shape

Your wallet is your ultimate symbol of abundance. So what is it saying? If your wallet is old, ripped, overstuffed or—even worse—nonexistent, how does that vibe translate to your life? And in what way is that manifesting in your finances?

Yeah, I see you there, gulping nervously as you think about the stained wallet you’ve been using for the last five years! It’s time to clear it out and get a swift upgrade. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to cost your weekly paycheck. I have an iridescent pink faux-reptile skin wallet from Georgia Mae that I adore. In addition to bringing me untold amounts of happiness, it also send out great money vibes (and really, who doesn’t want that?).

5. Find a self-care routine that works

It is absolutely essential to figure out what you need to be happy. If I skip my meditation practice, don’t work out (or at least stretch), ignore calls from friends or refuse to do something creative, I sink into a deep slump. We need to top up our emotional tank every single day: The effect is cumulative.


Originally published on Horoscope.com.