Prabal Gurung Does T-Shirts, We Want More

Laurel Pinson

If there is one designer that as a team we collectively obsess over each season, it’s Prabal Gurung. In all honesty, he has some amazing talent. From his debut collections to his most recent, he floors the critics and the innocent bystanders every time. And now this. If you didn’t already know, Prabal Gurung announced on Twitter that he’ll be releasing t-shirts. High fashion meets comfort is the best thing ever.

So, instead of just telling you that he’s producing t-shirts, we thought we’d take it one step further. Prabal, if you’re hearing us, please oblige. We’ve picked out 3 favorite looks from the past seasons — and we beg of you to make them into tees. From the bright florals in the spring/summer 2012 collection to the color blocking a la spring 2011, these designs would NOT disappoint.

So Prabs, Uncle P, our favorite designer in a Watanabe varsity — heed our call and let us know if you’re able to make this happen!

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