The First Thing Our Editors Would Do If They Won the Powerball Lottery Jackpot

Cady Lang
The First Thing Our Editors Would Do If They Won the Powerball Lottery Jackpot
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Lottery fever is at an all-time high, following Saturday’s announcement that there was no winner for the Powerball jackpot of $949.8 million.

With the next drawing—the pool is nearly $1.3 billion—this Wednesday, it got us thinking what would we do if our $2 ticket was drawn and we suddenly had millions of dollars at our disposal?

Click through to see what our editorial staff would splurge on, in the slide show above.

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I'd buy a studio apartment in the same building I live in now and make it into one giant closet. I'd model it after the displays at Miami boutique the Webster, with super-thin brushed brass racks, tropical wallpaper, and (naturally) an array of flashy designer pieces.
—Perrie Samotin, site director

"I’d buy this apartment on 740 Park Avenue because of this book: 740 Park: The Story of the World's Richest Apartment Building. Because, why not?" — Melissa Medvedich, creative director

"When first trying to consider what I’d do with 1.3 billion, my mind wandered to travel. Multiple around-the-world flights maybe, or apartments in my favorite cities around the world. Then I realized, 'Hey, you’re a freaking billionaire,’ and thought bigger. So if I win the Powerball, I’ll be buying a private jet (which range from $3 to $90 million, Google informs me), complete with a dashing pilot, so that I can go anywhere I want, any time I like." — Jasmine Garnsworthy, editor 

"After I bought myself a round-the-world plane ticket for a year of globe-trotting and a house in the ’burbs, next on my shopping list would be Burberry’s classic, iconic trench coat ($1,895). It’s something I’ve always lusted after but never mustered up the courage to pull the trigger on—in fact, I own a knockoff from DKNY that I wear all the time but it’s just not as satisfying as the real deal." — Cristina Velocci, managing editor 

 "What wouldn’t I do if I won more than a billion dollars? Aside from doing the right thing and donating a sizable amount to charity, I’d splurge on a round-the-world trip on the ultra-exclusive Four Seasons Jet ($132,000). The 24-day journey takes you around the world, from Bora Bora to Sydney to London, all with no expense spared (and, it goes without saying, no more cramming like sardines in coach!). And I couldn’t travel the world without a new capsule collection, starting with Tom Ford’s laser-cut leather and silk organza dress ($4,990) topped with a Brunello Cucinelli tweed coat, all housed in a vintage Louis Vuitton steamer trunk, of course! ($21,715)." — Beth Stebner, lifestyle editor

"You know you're getting old when you'd rather buy real estate than some kind of extravagant, totally unnecessary fur item, which is exactly what I would have said if asked this question two years ago. Since moving to the Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill area of Brooklyn in August, I've become completely obsessed with the neighborhood and its gorgeous old brownstones, rich Italian history, and generally lovely neighborhoody feel. (Also, trees. It has trees!) I regularly lament the fact that I may never be able to afford buying a place in the hood, so that is hands down the first thing I'd do if I came into a lot of money.

This three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath triplex in an old schoolhouse on a tiny side street is everything I could ever want for myself. And as it costs not even $2 million, I'd still have more than enough money left over to buy furs." — Rachel Krause, associate beauty editor

"I would definitely get a season pass to sit courtside at Oracle Arena for all of the Golden State Warriors games ($16,125). Commuting back and forth between NYC and Oakland could be tiresome, but seeing as how I'd have $1.3 billion at my disposal, I'd definitely get an apartment in the Bay Area in addition to buying my current apartment in Brooklyn. Weekly flights to make it to the games would be no object as well." — Cady Lang, social media editor

"I’m a cat lady at heart, so these Cartier earrings ($138,000) would be the ultimate statement of luxury. I love the mix of emeralds and diamonds, and the length is classic. I can see myself wearing them well into my 80s." — Kristen Bateman, associate editor/producer

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