Power in Numbers


I think I may have found The One. The one with whom I can share my weekend nights, whisper secrets over drinks, and plot out adventures. I am speaking of the perfect wingwoman.

I am so glad to have found the one special lady who is willing to hit the hot spots while flirting with all the boys we can find. Every girl needs a partner-in-crime, and she’s the Bonnie to my Clyde for several reasons:

1. We can be particularly silly together. She is willing to go to the most random events or spots, but is also able to laugh hysterically about the previous night’s misadventures. You need to be able to giggle through your cab ride home with someone who doesn’t pass judgment. The driver does not count.

2. We have similar, but not exactly the same, taste in men. She doesn’t have to explain to me why she wants to talk to that bearded guy with funny glasses across the room. I get it. But our taste also varies enough that we can split the bespectacled boy and his best friend between us. No fighting allowed amongst wingwomen.

3. We are spot-on with eye-to-eye communication. We know if it’s time to stage an exit or prolong the night with a single shared glance over the shoulder of the men chatting us up. This most often comes in handy when it’s time to go.

Of course, there is a danger in being so reliant on my partner. It’s easy to slip into codependent dating patterns. We have to remind ourselves to not be limited to guys with cute friends, to not force our respective love interests to talk, to not hang exclusively with one another at a party and come off as anti-social, thus defeating the purpose of wingwoman-dom.

That said, I wouldn’t trade her for anything. Not even that cutie across the way.