Pop Some Champagne: An ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ Movie Is Coming

Spencer Cain

Yes, yes, and more YES. In what is probably the most exciting news on this bleak Tuesday, it’s just been announced that our favorite boozy Brits and fashionistas (i.e. the oh-so-fab Patsy Stone and Edina Monsoon) are back for more — and this time, it’s more than just a special, it’s a whole damn movie!

Deadline reports that Jennifer Saunders, creator and star of Absolutely Fabulous, is penning a film version of the smash hit show once she finishes up work on the Spice Girls stage musical Viva Forever. (As a side note, I’d completely forgotten they were making a freakin’ Spice Girls musical. I seriously need to find a nice gentleman with British citizenship who I can marry so I can spend every day at the theater sobbing and eating scones.)

Ab Fab: The Movie will begin with the girls waking up after a bender, alone on a massive, drifting yacht belonging to some oligarch (that’s a Greek government official for those of you unschooled in all things European bureaucracy). Their cell phones can’t get a signal, and all they have is each other. My greatest hope of hopes is that they have their other best friends on hand: vodka and nicotine.

Anyway, I can’t wait for this. In the meantime, we still have a few new episodes of the series expected to air early next year. Get ready, kids!

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