Pop Goes the Gaultier


The pop-up book is undoubtedly one of the most underrated art forms, as evidenced by Ruben Scupin’s most recent work Pull, Tap, Pop! la mode. The German media design student and self-proclaimed “graphic surgeon” has taken print advertisements from a selection of the fashion industry’s most coveted designers and reworked them into a three-dimensional hardcover masterpiece, making the images come alive like never before. Open to the Louboutin page and a sculpted black pump replete with the signature red sole springs into shape. Flip forward a bit and spin a wheel to unlock a classic Louis Vuitton leather trunk bearing a bright bouquet of flowers. And the Madge fans among us will certainly love Jean-Paul Gaultier’s unforgettable cone bra, which soars to new heights upon pulling tabs all too appropriately labeled “ooh” and “lala.” As far as we know the book is one of a kind, but head over to Scupin’s Vimeo page to check out a video of the work in action. In the words of Lil’ Mama, it’s poppin’, it’s poppin’.