Pop Culture Phenomenons Of 2010: 10 Most Unexpected

Pop Culture Phenomenons Of 2010: 10 Most Unexpected
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Let’s just say 2010 was definitely a year of unexpected surprises. If you had told me a year ago that Id be in love with a 16-year-old, one-time YouTube sensation, I wouldve laughed in your face. And in a million years I never wouldve guessed that the Kardashians would rise to the level of fame they achieved in 2010 something Ive given up on trying to wrap my head around.

Whether you went crazy for Silly Bandz or discovered your love for vampires, theres no denying that the pop world kind of lost its mind this year. Click through the slides above to see the people and trends that made it big in 2010. And make sure you watch the video below to re-live the sheer hilarity that is Antoine Dodson.

“Hide your kids, hide your wives…” Antoine Dodson

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The Kardashians (pictured above in their 2010 Holiday photo):
Earlier this month, Kim Kardashian was named the highest paid reality TV star of 2010, raking in an estimated $6 million. Her sisters took the number 7 and 8 spots. With the amount of endorsement deals these girls have racked up in 2010, this should really be no surprise to anyone. Mama Jenner even got in on the action, recently signing on with her daughters to be the new faces of Sketchers Shape-Ups. These girls prove that there is no such thing as overexposure. Hopefully Kardashian mania will die down a bit in 2011 – but I won't hold my breath!

Justin Bieber:
If anyone defines the word phenomenon, it's the Biebs – take it from someone who has been to a JB concert and seen the mania firsthand. This year alone, he went from a YouTube star to a double platinum selling pop artist, a New York Times bestseller and a two-time Grammy Award nominee. Most recently, he was named Twitter's most influential celebrity by Time Magazine. And those are just the highlights of the year! There's no denying that Bieber has taken the world by storm, but the question that remains to be answered is, does he have staying power?

The Jersey Shore:
Even though season 2 of The Jersey Shore has been over for months, the publicity shit storm surrounding the MTV cast hasn't slowed down one bit. From clothing lines to book deals, they just can't seem to get enough media attention. Don't get me wrong, I definitely see the appeal – who doesn't love watching people make complete spectacles of themselves? But watching them on TV once a week is enough Jersey Shore for me. Lest you think the mania will die down soon, season 3 is premiering in January - look out 2011.

The Vampire craze really blew up in 2010. From TV shows like True Blood and Vampire Diaries, to movies like Twilight, we just couldn't get enough of these little blood-suckers this year. The obsession even translated into makeup, with pale skin and dead-looking makeup becoming a popular beauty trend (see: Taylor Momsen). 

Betty White:
Talk about someone whose popularity has stood the test of time. Betty White took over popular culture with a vengeance this year. The longtime funny woman appeared in super bowl commercials, hosted SNL (with Jigga man) and landed her own TV show, Hot In Cleaveland. She gives true meaning to the term "age ain't nothin' but a number."

I'm With Coco:
The late-night talk show wars that took place this year were, in a few words, out of control. First, Conan O'Brien took over Leno's Tonight Show gig, bumping Leno to an earlier time slot. A mere months after the switch, NBC essentially screwed over Conan, firing him in order to re-hire Leno on the Tonight Show. Confused yet? This is wear it gets good – battle lines are drawn and the Team Coco phenomenon begins. All the love and campaigning paid off because Conan's new TBS show premiered on November 8.

Tiger-gate 2010:
2010 was definitely the year of scumbag cheating husbands. It all started with Tiger Woods and the sex scandal that shook a nation! I won't bore you again with the details. If you don't already know the story, then there's nothing I can do for you or your lack of social awareness. It was almost like he started an epidemic, because after the Tiger news broke, cheating men started coming out of Hollywood homes everywhere (see Sandra and Jesse).

Heidi Montag's Face:
We already know that Heidi and Spencer represent everything that is wrong with America, but Heidi took it to new heights this year when she decided to get 10 plastic surgeries in one day. She showed off her work to the world in People's January 15 issue. Okay, that's enough Heidi talk!

Silly Bandz:
This craze became popular for people in every age group – myself included. I have fruit shapes and Justin Bieber. Sarah Jessica Parker even got in on the silly action! I still don't quite understand how these bracelets became so popular, but I'm not complaining – they cost like a dollar!

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