25 Clever Pop Culture-Inspired Holiday Sweaters to Put on Your Wish List

25 Clever Pop Culture-Inspired Holiday Sweaters to Put on Your Wish List
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If there was ever a time to wear an over-the-top wool sweater with Cardi B’s face stitched front and center, now would be it. For years, holiday sweaters—ugly, cute, and everything in between—have been a December wardrobe staple. It’s the one time a year when you can whip out something borderline gaudy and still receive tons of Instagram likes for how cute your OOTD is. The problem: The average holiday sweater, with its bells, lights, and Vaudeville-esque stitching, can get a little old.

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That’s where we come in. Gone are the days when a haphazardly sewn-on reindeer wins you a holiday sweater contest. To really wow your family and friends, you’re going to need something original, and what better way than to nod to some of the decade’s biggest pop culture moments, from the death of Harambe (R.I.P.) to the international obsession with Stranger Things?

Besides, why would you want a reindeer on your sweater when you can have Drake, Eleven or Jon Snow? To inspire your holiday wardrobe, we curated 25 cool pop culture-inspired holiday sweaters to shop (or gift) this season.

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Cardi B Holiday Sweater
Cardi B

Rap along to "Bodak Yellow" in this Cardi B-themed holiday sweater.

$29.99, at Etsy

Photo: Etsy.
Drake Holiday Sweater

Gift this "Hotline Bling"-themed holiday sweater to the Drake super-fan in your life.

$14.95, at Etsy

Photo: Etsy.
Stranger Things Holiday Sweater
"Stranger Things"

Impress the Stranger Things super-fans in your life with this holiday sweater featuring the Netflix breakout's Eleven.

$27.99, at Etsy

Photo: Etsy.
The Rock Holiday Sweater
The Rock

Be almost as cool as The Rock this season with this holiday sweater featuring the actor's face wearing a Santa hat.

$34.74, at Etsy

Photo: Etsy.
Wonder Woman Holiday Sweater
"Wonder Woman"

Celebrate one of D.C. Comics' most iconic superheroes and 2017's most talked-about movie with this "Wonder Woman"-themed holiday sweater.

$46.71, at Wonder Woman Shop

Photo: Wonder Woman Shop.
Game of Thrones Holiday Sweater
"Game of Thrones"

Let your loved ones know that winter is coming with this Game of Thrones-themed holiday sweater, featuring Jon Snow.

$13.99, at Etsy

Photo: Etsy.
Harambe Holiday Sweater

Pay tribute to Harambe (and one of 2016's biggest memes) with this holiday sweater.

$24.95, at Etsy

Photo: Etsy.
Hillary Clinton Holiday Sweater
Hillary Clinton

Your holiday wish list might not be as secretive as Hillary Clinton's, but you can still look rad wearing this holiday sweater nodding to the politician's 2016 email controversy.

$39.99, at Fresh Brewed Tees

Photo: Fresh Brewed Tees.
Kanye West Holiday Sweater
Kanye West

Have a happy holiday and a merry Yeezus with this Kanye West-themed sweater.

$35.99, at Etsy

Photo: Etsy.
Beyonce Holiday Sweater

Feel like Queen Bey in this Beyoncé-themed holiday sweater that the singer actually wore in her "7/11" music video.

$40, at Shop Spring

Photo: Shop Spring.
Breaking Bad Holiday Sweater
"Breaking Bad"

You might not (or might—you never know) find Blue Sky underneath your Christmas tree, but you can still relive Walter White's glory days with this Breaking Bad-themed holiday sweater.

$27.95, at Unique Geek Shop

Photo: Unique Geek Shop.
Friends Holiday Sweater

Spend the holidays in this Friends-themed holiday sweater with the Christmas lyrics sung and written by the one and only Phoebe Buffay.

$39.98, at Etsy

Photo: Etsy.
Harry Potter Holiday Sweater
"Harry Potter"

Let all your muggle loved ones know how you really feel about them with this Harry Potter-themed holiday sweater.

$25, at Etsy

Photo: Etsy.
Mean Girls Holiday Sweater
"Mean Girls"

Up your wardrobe with this Mean Girls-themed holiday sweater that even Regina George would approve of.

$22.74, at Skreened

Photo: Skreened.
Seinfeld Holiday Sweater

Celebrate Festivus with the Seinfeld gang with this holiday sweater featuring the sitcom's self-made holiday.

$49.99, at Ugly Christmas Sweater

Photo: Ugly Christmas Sweater.
Star Wars Holiday Sweater
"Star Wars"

Cross over to the dark side with this Star Wars-themed holiday sweater featuring Darth Vader and two stormtroopers.

$49.95, at Walmart

Photo: Walmart.
Walking Dead Holiday Sweater
"The Walking Dead"

The Walking Dead fans in your life will cover this holiday sweater featuring walkers (a.k.a. zombies) from the AMC hit.

$29.95, at Etsy

Photo: Etsy.
Kermit Holiday Sweater
Kermit the Frog

Bask in your family drama and sip tea in style with this Kermit the Frog holiday sweater nodding at the Muppets character's viral meme.

$16.99, at Etsy

Photo: Etsy.
Betty White Holiday Sweater
Betty White

Relive the Golden Girl days with this Betty White-inspired holiday sweater.

$19, at Etsy

Photo: Etsy.
Pokemon Holiday Sweater

Relive your childhood with this Pokémon-themed holiday sweater featuring bulbasaur.

$30.62, at Etsy

Photo: Etsy.
Drake Holiday Sweater

Replace "KeKe" with "Santa," and you have a pop-culture-perfect holiday sweater.

$19.99, at Etsy

Photo: Etsy.
Golden Girls Holiday Sweater
"Golden Girls"

Golden Girls never looked so good as these four holiday sweaters, featuring each of the iconic characters. 

$22, at Etsy

Photo: Etsy.
Salt Bae Holiday Sweater
Salt Bae

Every dish could use a little salt, and every holiday sweater could use a little Salt Bae. 

$16.99, at Etsy

Photo: Etsy.
Snoop Dogg Holiday Sweater
Snoop Dogg

Let's be real, we would all rather have Snoop Dogg deliver our presents than Santa.

$19.98, at Etsy

Photo: Etsy.
The Office Holiday Sweater
"The Office"

It's been years since The Office was on air. But we can relive the magic (and humor) with this sweater. 

$46.24, at Etsy

Photo: Etsy.

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