Yay or Nay? We Analyze High Fashion’s Current Obsession With the Pool Slide

Meghan Blalock

You may have noticed a trend in high fashion shoes over the past year or so: designers are moving away from sky-high, painfully skinny stilettos, opting instead for what we like to call the Birkenstock effect. These shoes are flat, chunky, and (quite frankly) kind of fugly.

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While everyone reading this (us included!) would have absolutely died for a pair of floral Birkenstock sandals like the ones Givenchy currently has on the racks when we were were middle schoolers, it seems (to us) a bit jarring on a grown woman. A perfectly chic outfit, when assessed from head to toe, seems somehow incomplete when finished off with the sartorial equivalent of bedroom slippers.

Designers like Cèline, Chloé, and Marni have also taken to an expansion on the trend: the pool slide. Instead of the thick double straps the Birkenstock sandals made so iconic, these are more an homage to the rubber Adidas numbers every teenage boy who’s ever lived has, at one time or another, proudly worn. Except that Chloé’s version, for example, will cost you a pretty $840.

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Click through the gallery above to see more examples of high fashion’s latest shoe craze, and tell us: yay or nay? Vote below!

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