Poll: Should Raf Simons Head Up Dior?

Liz Doupnik

Everyone’s a bridesmaid when it comes to the debacle of who will step up and take charge of (what we hope not to be) a doomed Dior. There seems to be some promising news now that Raf Simons has officially split ways with Jil Sander.

It was previously debated whether or not the designer would be included in the running for the next head honcho of the fashion house. Now with his departure from Sander it seems like there could be a chance that Dior will no longer be an orphan.

We’re a little torn on whether this would be the best fit for both parties considering that Raf is known for structured minimalism and Dior is, well not that. However, we’re ready for all this Dior business to be settled once and for all and we’re on the edge of our seats to see what Raf does next Dior or otherwise.

Do you think Dior should open its doors to Raf? Tell us in the poll below!

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