Poll: Does Karl Lagerfeld Rev Your Engine In This Photo?

Liz Doupnik

While cruising on one our fave blogs, Purple Diary, we came across a pretty awesome (read: ridiculous) photo of Karl Lagerfeld assuming his normal pose in front of a sick Rolls Royce.

OK, are we impressed with Karl’s ongoing good looks and seemingly impeccable health? Absolutely. But where does the Kaiser draw the line? Obviously when posing for Olivier Zahm, you really have to pull out some stops, but is this one where you just want to sigh and move on?

Or, does this really do it for you? Other buxom babes have posed in front of cars (even Jessica Simpson for crying out loud granted the car was no Rolls Royce). We hand the debate over to you tell us what you think of this photo in the poll below!

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