Poll: Does Florence Overdo It In Florals?

Liz Doupnik

Spring is definitely right around the corner. We can barely contain ourselves when we think about the colors, skirts and obviously the shoes that are waiting for us once the seasons (finally) shift.

One of the patterns that can’t seem to leave our closets is the wonderful and shamelessly girly floral print. I mean, it looks good on just about anything, right? Apparently Florence Welch thinks so.

Stepping out in a head-to-toe floralized Moschino tailored suit, Florence did a little more than bring some sunshine to the red carpet. She grew a f*cking garden. We really can’t make up our minds on this look. Is it too much? Or as Joanna Coles of Marie Claire likes to say, “there’s a fine line between hideous and fabulous.”

Tell us what you think in the poll below!

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