Confirmed: Democrats are More Sexually Adventurous Than Republicans, Says Survey

political party sex habits survey
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In the wake of a debate that makes you want to close your eyes, cover your ears, and go lalalalala to anything related to the U.S. government, we have some lighter political news: Democrats are more sexually adventurous in certain respects than Republicans, according to an entertaining survey of 5,117 millennials conducted by SKYN condoms.

64 percent of Democrats have had a one-night stand in comparison to 56 percent of Republicans. And 31 percent of Democrats have had a threesome, while only 23 percent of Republicans have. (If, that is, you consider having sex with someone you’ve just met or bringing a third partner into the bedroom adventurous.) In other ways, Republicans are actually arguably more adventurous than Democrats: More right-wingers have gotten busy in locations outside the bedroom, including a pool, car, park, plane, beach, or church. Wait, sorry, a church? Yes, you read that right.

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When it comes to safe sex, though, Democrats are—surprisingly?—the more cautious ones: 60 percent of Dems use condoms compared to just 46 percent of Republicans. (Not sure what the deal is there, but I wonder if that would remain the case if Roe v. Wade were ever repealed. Just saying!) There are also differences in sexual preferences and kinks between the parties: Democrats prefer to play “strangers” during role play, while Republicans prefer to play out a “stripper scene.” Make of that what you will.

When it came to Independent voters, the survey didn’t offer a ton of intel, except for the fact that Independents are the likeliest voter demographic to be bisexual. Hey, they like their options! There are only a couple of sex qualities millennials in all three political parties share: Their top three desirable qualities in a partner are attractiveness, playfulness, and humor. And 33 percent of Democrats, Republicans, and  Independents report having an “above average sized penis.” Guess that means that no matter who you’re dating, if he’s a man, there’s a one in three chance he’s got an oversized ego. 😜

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