Does Gray's Anatomy always make you reach for a tissue? Check out these other six shows who managed to make us bawl.

PMS TV: The 7 Episodes That Always Make Us Bawl

Summer K
PMS TV: The 7 Episodes That Always Make Us Bawl
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Last night, I was subjected to a half hour of mocking and teasing by my boyfriend. Not about my outfit, or my hair or even my makeup. Nope, I made the sad mistake of erupting into tears during the last ten minutes of Vampire Diaries. Laugh at me if you will, but it’s not the first time a TV show has manipulated me into a full-on cryfest thanks to an unexpected break-up, death or a series ending.

In fact, when I polled the office this morning for this post, I was greeted with exclamations of agreement and several suggestions on what to include on this list. While Grey’s Anatomy dominated, other shows like Sex & The City and Lost also got nods. (But really, should we reward our favorite shows for gifting us with snotty noses and raccoon eyes? We think not.)

Anyway, grab a tissue and get ready to cruise these 7 sob-worthy pics in the slideshow below. And if we missed any of your faves, feel free to add them in the comments section below.

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Forget the whole Derek/Meredith drama -- the REAL sobfest moment of all time on Grey's Anatomy came early in the series when Izzie's love Denny died following a serious heart condition during the prom episode. (Try not hysterically crying as you watch Izzie collapse in Meredith's bathroom in this dress and then refuse to move or even speak in the hours and days that follow.)

The "Imagine" episode of Glee. The glee club spends the whole episode focusing on the superficial, only to realize that a deaf choir drive homes the idea that heart is their biggest talent to bring to competition.

And they lived happily-ever-after... We didn't cry because the last episode of Friends was sad -- we cried because we couldn't believe it was over (and that our feelings for Ugly Naked Guy had to go unresolved).

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Perhaps one of the most heart-wrenching scenes from Lost ever. Knowing he's trapped and going to drown, Charlie sends a last message to his friend Desmond before he perishes. Oh Chaa-lay...

For most of us that grew up with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the monster moments often seemed silly compared to the "real life" issues our vampire slayer faced. Delving into all our deepest fears, "The Body" explored the unexpected death of a parent and what impact it has on a fractured family.

While Sex & The City has managed to make us laugh AND cry through the years, nothing has hit us harder then the "Ex and The City" episode when Carrie must come to grips with the fact that Mr. Big has moved on and is in the process of marrying another woman. The epic lines she utters at the end are from the classic movie, The Way We Were and still cause us to get choked up.  Carrie: Your girl is lovely, Hubbell. Mr. Big: I don't get it. Carrie: And you never did.

Dawson's Creek flash-forward finale has been a much-discussed topic as of late (mainly because some of the cast members have expressed interest in doing a reunion episode). And while we're certainly all for it, we can't exactly forget the whole part about Jen dying and giving her baby up to Jack to take care of.

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