Study Shows It’s Actually Average-Size Models That Sell Clothes

Leah Bourne
asos regular Study Shows Its Actually Average Size Models That Sell Clothes

Photo: ASOS

For years the fashion industry has been proclaiming that their use of super thin models (sometimes even dangerously thin) is because that is what women want to see on billboards and in magazines, and ultimately, that is what sells clothes. At the end of the day, can you really blame someone for wanting to make money?

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Turns out, this isn’t even the case. New research from the University of Kent suggests that using size zero models (often the sample size designers use) isn’t helping brands move clothes after all. The women polled in the study ranged in age from 18 to 45 years old, and showed no preference between average and size-zero models when looking at images of women modeling clothes. However, when presented with fictitious “new brands,” the study’s participants actually preferred average-sized models to the size-zero ones.

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Dr. Xuemei Bian, who led the study, says: “The issue of fashion industry use of skinny models is a very controversial and we have even seen France’s parliament considering a ban. Our research shows that the fashion industry has nothing to fear from using average-sized models in it marketing campaigns, and could even find that it sells more of its products by doing so.”

Fashion brands, are you listening? No more excuses.

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