Plus-Size Model Robyn Lawley Blames Designers For Fashion’s Thin Obsession

Meghan Blalock

robyn lawley

Model Robyn Lawley—who’s been on the cover of Vogue Italia and was the first-ever plus-size model to be cast in a Ralph Lauren campaign—has more than a few thoughts on how the fashion industry continues to uplift and uphold thin figures as the ultimate standard in style and beauty.

In a new interview with the fashion blog Hunger, Lawley lets loose on designers who continue to only order samples up to a size 4, and blames them for the unreasonably skinny standards most models think they have to maintain.

“I think the industry is making such a distinction because it is so rare for any girls over a size 4 to be featured anywhere within the media,” she says. “I actually hold designers more accountable as they have the real power to change sample sizing. It aggravates me that almost every designer campaign uses an unrealistic frame.”

She also shares her thoughts on the media, who are unfair to both skinny and fuller-figured women alike.

“I think if that’s your natural frame you shouldn’t be held accountable for damaging women. Kate Moss got labeled as an anorexic, even though she said she wasn’t, it was just her natural body type. However, the damage occurs when the media continues to only use images of excessively thin women and no other variant sizing.”

It’s refreshing to see some honesty when it comes to this stuff. Yes, it’s true that fashion is renowned for pressuring its models (and, by association, women in general) to be painfully thin. But it’s also true that some women are thin naturally and shouldn’t be punished for that. Basically, everyone needs to calm down and let people’s bodies just be however they’re going to be, right? Let us know your thoughts below!

Head over to Hunger to read the full interview!

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