These Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers Are Revolutionizing the Style Game

These Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers Are Revolutionizing the Style Game
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Anybody who thinks that being thin is the only way to be beautiful needs to jump in their time machine and head back to 1994, because it’s 2017—and now we’re celebrating gorgeous bodies of all shapes and sizes. We have a couple of plus-size models who have trailblazed their way into the mainstream to thank for the change, but curvy bloggers also deserve some credit for helping along the transition. 

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What’s so refreshing about visiting plus-size fashion blogs isn’t just the fact we get to see a varied collection of bodies in a marketplace that tends to be way too homogeneous, but also the idea that most of these women truly understand style, and—as a result—shed light on the fact that hackneyed fashion rules once forced on certain body types just don’t apply anymore.

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Before we had these women as examples, it wasn’t uncommon for full-figured women to shy away from trends like crop tops, bold patterns, and bodycon dresses, but now we’re seeing these types of styles work for a huge variety of shapes—and they all look fabulous.

We’ve rounded up 23 plus-size fashion bloggers who are changing the game—and who consistently offer serious outfit inspiration.

Originally posted June 2014. Updated August 2017.