Epic Time-Waster: Please Help Me Beyoncé Is the Best Site Ever

Meghan Blalock

In light of Beyoncé’s successful attempt at breaking the Internet and making the whole world explode in adoration when she dropped her self-titled album without any press or prior announcements, some genius has come up with the best site ever. It’s called Please Help Me Beyoncé, and—fair warning—it’ll waste a pretty big chunk of time today.

please help me beyonce 2

Basically, when you load the site, you’re faced with a number of questions, such as: “How are you feeling?” and “What’s he done now?” Options for responses, respectively, include, “Supported by my homegirls” and (our personal favorite) “Who said I need a man?” After providing your responses, you click “Please help me Beyoncé,” and a YouTube video of a Queen Bey song loads that precisely expresses how you’re currently feeling.

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And that’s it. Since it launched a few days ago, the site has garnered no fewer than 23,000 Facebook likes, and there’s no question why. Because it’s awesome. So far our results have brought us Bey songs like “Independent Woman (Part 2),” “Get Me Bodied,” “Love on Top,” and many more.

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Head to Please Help Me Beyoncé for hours of work playlist entertainment. You’re welcome!