‘Playboy’ Compares Lindsay Lohan To Drew Barrymore

Spencer Cain

I’d completely forgotten that one of the most anticipated Playboy‘sof all time — featuring none other than Lindsay Lohan adorning the cover — went on sale this past Friday. As I passed a rather sketchy bodega, I read a tweet from Lindsay herself, reminding fans that it was time to snag a copy. So who was I to ignore this request? I promptly ran in, hauled ass to the back section where I knew the dirty mags would be, and quickly snatched it up and threw it on the counter before any skeevy stranger DNA could touch my fingertips.

The $8.99 “Holiday Anniversary Issue” was well worth it, and not just because it was the first time I bought a Playboy (something that I feel is a rite of passage for every male — yes, regardless of sexual orientation). I can safely say that I loved the spread in its entirety, and enjoyed the write-up that went along with it.

While it wasn’t gorund-breaking per se, it was a postmodern way of handling the subject of Lindsay posing for Playboy. It called attention to the fact that everyone knew exactly how much she was getting paid, that it was a trending topic within mere hours of announcement and that people essentially would not shut up about it. It also talked about the starlet’s troubles — as every publication that discusses her tends to do.

Rather than chastising her for her questionable past, Playboy proclaimed that this was merely the beginning. “As for who she is, you’ll have to take Lindsay at her word: This is the beginning, not the end of her career – a millennial hat tip to Drew Barrymore, perhaps. In rehab by the time she hit her teens, with her secrets splashed all over the checkout aisle, Drew appeared in the January 1995 issue at the age of 19, and by 1998 she as back on top in The Wedding Singer — a star again, for all the right reasons.”

I can’t help but hope this is true, but what do you guys think? Has Playboy revived Lindsay’s career? When pondering the question, please note that the issue is FLYING off of newsstands. Guess I’m not the only one who made a trek into the shady bodega this weekend…