Play Dress Up With Net-A-Porter and Pippa Middleton

Liz Doupnik

It’s a great day to be an online shopper. Case in point: For all you royal wedding fanatics in the world, you can now get one step closer to being part of the royal fam. has taken it upon itself to put Pippa Middleton‘s dress up for grabs. You know, that dress that made that huge stir? Turns out the McQueen gown will be available on the British version of the site, but don’t fret my non-English blokes; shoppers from other areas can call and reserve a dress.

With only one minor changes (a zipper has now replaced the beautiful button closures in the back), the dress is retailing for a cool $3,100. We’re pretty sure if the silk-crepe gown can make our booties look that good, we might have to splurge. We’re also thinking it might be awesome to dye the dress to a different color (bright turquoise, anyone?) What do you think? Would you drop $3K on it?

Photo Courtesy of Sipa.

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