9 Reasons to Add Chunky Platform Boots to Your Wardrobe Right Now

Kristen Bateman

By now, it’s clear that top designers are having a love affair with platform boots. And not just any platform boots—the ones we’ve spotted on the runways at Marc Jacobs, Vetements, and Marni have chunky heels, serious height and crazy-thick soles: all evocative of the kind of shoes sold at the goth purveyor of your teenage years, Hot Topic.

While the silhouette was prevalent in the ’70s and again throughout the ’90s, this new crop in platform boots has a slightly more utilitarian feel, with brands adding more support or ridges on the bottom for a no-slip grip. There’s also a sort of playfulness with labels like Vetements printing theirs with stars or fiery flames and Pleaser, a line of “exotic” shoes that now seem strangely wearable, pumping out platforms in glitter or pink patent.

And thanks to this transitional weather (read: rainy), they’re pretty much the perfect wardrobe staple to wear through spring. Pair an awesomely clunky pair with a little dress or skirt to make a statement, or wear yours over jeans for a more casual look, reminiscent of an updated version of ’70s style icons David Bowie or Stevie Nicks.

Knee-high boots with a stiletto heel have been having their moment for quite some time, so it’s refreshing to see the ultimately more wearable platform making a comeback. Above, shop nine pairs at every price point.