If You’re Already Out of Recipes, This Meal Planning Service Is Offering One Month Free (!!)

Maggie Griswold
If You’re Already Out of Recipes, This Meal Planning Service Is Offering One Month Free (!!)
Photo: PlateJoy.

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There’s only so much scrolling through Pinterest recipes I can do before I end up just ordering take-out again. Finding things to cook is difficult enough without the added social distancing requirements, and it’s easy to feel like there’s nothing worth making after a while. The currently free meal planning service from PlateJoy, though, might just be the answer to all of our meal-related prayers. Right now, PlateJoy is offering us all an entire month free of their meal planning services—so you can stop aimlessly looking for a new recipe for dinner tonight.

Unlike a meal kit service, PlateJoy doesn’t send you all the ingredients packaged in a box. Rather, they help tailor recipes to your specific needs. So, whether you’re vegan, keto or will eat almost anything, they’ll figure out the best recipe plan, grocery list and even grocery delivery options best suited for you. In a time where many people are attempting to cook and eat at home every night, PlateJoy is here to help you discover healthy recipes that you’ll love even after all of this social distancing and quarantining is over.

Basically, PlateJoy gives you unlimited recipes tailored to your preferences—including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. The menus are all designed by nutritionists, so you can get all the right types of foods for your personal health goals. Then, PlateJoy also helps create personalized grocery lists for you, so you don’t even have to pull out a sticky note to jot the recipes down. There’s even delivery options through Instacart in case you really can’t leave the house. This is simply a treasure trove of cooking widsom.

To sign up for your free month, use this special one-month free PlateJoy membership link. It’ll lead you directly to the sign-up page for your trial run of this service. From pescatarian dishes that’ll make your mouth water to kid-friendly recipes with even the pickiest of eaters in mind, the PlateJoy meal planning service might just be your saving grace in these weird and stressful times.