Plastic Shoe Brand Mel To Collaborate With Forever 21

Perrie Samotin
mel Plastic Shoe Brand Mel To Collaborate With Forever 21

Styles from Mel x Forever 21 capsule collection

When to comes to fashion collaborations, sometimes the involved parties can feel, well, a little disjointed (Derek Lam for Kohl’s, Sarah Jessica Parker for Steve and Barry’s, for example) but here’s one that actually makes perfect sense: Mel, the 2-year-old little sister line to Brazilian plastic shoe brand Melissa, is set to team up with Forever 21 on a youthful six-style capsule collection featuring sandals and slip-ons, reported WWDWhile the items are already up on Forever 21’s e-commerce site, they’re slated to hit stores April 26.

Although this marks Mel’s first partnership, Melissa is known for its collaborations with major forces in fashion, architecture and art , notably Karl Lagerfeld and Zaha Hadid.

“Forever 21 is a great way for us to reach a wider audience with the right fashion credibility,”  Melissa’s U.S. CEO, Michele Levy, told WWD. “Forever 21 stands for value, fashion and fun, so our values matched theirs.”

Prices for Mel x Forever 21 start at a refreshing $19.80.

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