How to Style 12 Key Plaid Pieces This Fall

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How to Style 12 Key Plaid Pieces This Fall
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Nothing says autumn quite like plaid. It’s cool, cozy, and goes well with other seasonal staples like blue jeans, and oversized sweaters. And while the humble plaid shirt is probably the staple we’ve all got in our closets, there are plenty of other ways to wear the pattern, too.

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Whether you choose to incorporate plaid motifs onto accessories like shoes or scarves, go for a bold plaid overcoat, or deck yourself out in the print by wearing a plaid dress or cropped jacket, we’ve rounded up 12 ways to wear it all season long.

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Tied Around Your Waist

In the ’90s, the waist wrap was typically part of an entirely causal outfit (Converse or Doc Martens, old tees, thermal shirts, ripped jeans), and while that still holds up today, we’re also seeing tied shirts paired with polished staples like heels, tailored skirts, or cropped jackets.

Photo: Harper's Bazaar


There's nothing like a good scarf in the fall, and while many of us opt for simple, solid versions, nothing's quite as classic as a big tartan scarf. 

Photo: The Courtney Kerr

Under a Sweater

For colder fall days, layering is a girl's best friend. Let a plaid shirt peek through a sweater, and add faded jeans and heels. 

Photo: Song of Style


The idea of plaid shoes may seem a little obtuse, but work with us. When paired with a cool pair of boyfriend jeans and an oversized sweater, classic pumps in a plaid pattern can look quite chic.

Photo: Pinterest/Carla Walton


It hits a point each fall when a cup of hot coffee just isn't keeping your hands warm enough anymore and it's time to break out the gloves. If you're looking to get your start with the fall trend but don't want to go too overboard in plaid, gloves are the perfect option.

Photo: Stephanie Sterjovski


A tip when wearing plaid pants? Pair them with something simple to let them shine (and to avoid looking clownish.)

Photo: We Wore What

Over a Tee

When you're having a lazy day and you just don't feel like putting too much thought into the day's outfit, plaid is one great way to dress up any outfit. Whether you're throwing on jeans and a tee shirt or a simple, solid-colored dress, tossing on a plaid button-down is one way to add some color, pattern and excitement to your outfit making it look like you actually tried this morning.

Photo: Walk in Wonderland


For some of us, it's incredibly hard to go from living in skirts and shorts all summer to covering up our legs again. No fear! Pick up a seasonal pencil skirt in a cool plaid print. 

Photo: Ring My Bell


For those who work a 9 to 5 job and want to look professional, but still on-trend, a plaid blazer may just be your new go-to piece. 

Photo: Song of Style

With Fur (or Faux Fur!)

Nothing says fall like tossing on a great fur coat or vest. For the ultimate fall outfit, pair your chic fur vest or jacket with your plaid shirt. Wearing either leggings or jeans paired with a pair of chic boots is a great way to top off this outfit like this blogger did.

Photo: Nomad en Vogue


Some of our favorite bloggers and celebrities are wearing plaid jackets and coats. They look amazing and seasonal with pretty much everything in your closet, from blue jeans to dresses. 

Photo: This Time Tomorrow


Opting for a plaid dress is one way to dress up the fall pattern. You can pair it with a cool pair of heels or boots and even tie a sweater or light jacket around your waist to shake things up a bit.

Photo: Little Black Boots

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