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10 High Fashion Highlights From The Pitti Fashion Trade Show

Sydney Scott
10 High Fashion Highlights From The Pitti Fashion Trade Show
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This year marked the 82nd edition of the menswear trade show, Pitti Immagine Uomo. Held twice a year in Florence, the trade show is the ultimate platform for men’s fashion.

Every year, Florence is flooded by the fashion industry (think magazine editors, bloggers, buyers, street style photogs and the like), all craving a taste of what’s to come in the world of menswear. This year was no different and the week-long event had quite a few highlights.

From crazy digital prints, to models on bicycles racing alongside waiters, and even to spotting a few streetwear duds that had some high fashion swag going on, Pitti managed to yet again feature the latest and greatest from the world of fashion-forward designs.

Check out our recap of some of last week’s moments of the trade show in the slideshow above. Feel free to also tell us if there’s anything you absolutely loved (or hated) out in Pitti by leaving a comment down below.

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Click through the gallery to see some of our favorite highlights from the 2012 Pitti Immagine Uomo, held in Florence, Italy last week!

As the guest menswear designer, Carven proved that fashion doesn't have to be so serious by having a waiter race which is a Parisian tradition to help waiters improve their skills. The twist, however, was that the race also included male models walking and bicycling alongside the rushing waiters as actors cheered from the sidelines.

Photo: www.pittimmagine.com/

This year's winner of the Pitti's Who's On Next award, highlighting who's next in menswear,  was Erїk Bjerkesjö, a young Swedish designer with amazing talent. If you haven't seen his work, then you definitely need to check it out.

Valentino showed his menswear collection during the trade show and -- gasp! -- paired sneakers with suits. The collection featured bomber jackets, voluminous sleeves and neons paired with shades of olive.

Photo: Valentino/

During the trade show, artist Delfina Delettrez showed some of her innovative jewelry at a retrospective exhibition including some of her work from the past 5 years. The nature-inspired exhibit included live bees buzzing around in orbs along with pieces created to look like turtle shells and honeycombs.

Photo: Black Frame/

This year Peter Pilotto showed as the guest womenswear designer and the presentation was definitely one to remember. Using a specially designed computer program, the designers behind the collection (Pilotto and Christopher De Vos) created eye-catching kaleidoscope prints. Not only were their clothes covered in the design, but the duo transformed the Palazzo Borghese into a bright, chaotic digital world.

Photo: G. Giannoni/

Designers from the Nigerian city of Lagos got a chance to show their work on an international level and chat with key industry figures like Suzy Menkes.

Photo: www.pittimmagine.com/

Last year's winner of Pitti's Who's On Next award, Andrea Pompilio, returned to show his menswear collection. The collection didn't just stick to one palette, but transitioned from neutrals to shades of blue and yellow. Accessorized with sporty mesh bags and bucket hats, the designer definitely seems to be on the right track this season.

Photo: G. Giannoni/

G-Star presented the RAW Denim Dome -- an exhibition showcasing the key materials in their collections and the crafting possibilities that RAW has to offer.

Photo: www.g-star.com/

You should definitely be envious of the folks who were able to attend the Vertical Stage Session, an event where the idea of a traditional stage performance is turned on its head. Buildings are turned into backdrops, performers use balconies as their stage and people dance in the streets as DJs spin crazy electronic music.

Photo: www.pittimmagine.com/

Former architect Daniela Del Cima presented a show at Pitti that included ballerinas twirling around in beautiful garments. Inspired by the '50s, Del Cima's clothing was the epitome of femininity.

Photo: Studio Bonoldi/

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