Links to Click: Kate Middleton Learns to DJ, First Look at ‘Pitch Perfect 2,’ More

Sarah Barnes

Take a late afternoon break and check out today’s buzzy stories circulating around the web. Read on for links you must click now!

1. Here’s a painfully awkward-slash-cute video of Prince William and Kate Middleton learning to DJ. [Youtube]

2. OMG! Rebel Wilson posted the first glimpse of the “Pitch Perfect 2” set. [Twitter]

3. Sydney-based fashion illustrator, Aaron Favaloro is taking on the A-listers, one fun drawing at a time. [BuzzFeed]

4. 50 beauty YouTube vloggers you should subscribe to for everything you’ve ever wanted to learn about beauty. [Beauty High]

5. DIY! It’s summer and it’s time to start jamming with this raspberry jam recipe! [The Vivant]

6. Can Steven Alan Make Dr. Scholl‘s Cool? Look here and decide for yourself. [Steven Alan]

7.  James Franco looks super-thrilled to be on “The View.” [BuzzFeed]

8. Pixi makeup artist Amanda Bell shares the two biggest mistakes she sees foundation-wearers making. [Daily Makeover]

9. Inspired by the Aurora, Vianel’s new summer collection, a series of new bright and vibrant Indonesian Ring Lizard cardholders. [Vianel Studios]