This Passion Fruit Yogurt Recipe Is the Best Way to Start Your Morning

Photo: Courtesy How You Glow

How You Glow

This yogurt dish will start your morning off on a sensationally stunning and glowy note.

Pitaya and passion fruit are tropical fruits that we just adore. From their color and taste, the vibrancy of these two fruits need to be added into everyone’s lives. They might be a bit harder to find than your average fruits, but the hunt is worth it. 

The colors alone in this yogurt dish will make you want to get out of bed. It’s a protein-packed breakfast that will keep you nice and full until breakfast, thanks to the yogurt and bee pollen. We used our Juice Served Here’s Raw Honey and 100% Wild Bee Pollen here to ensure potent purity—you should probably do the same!

xx Tara



1/2 pitaya
1/2 passion fruit
1 cup organic yogurt (sheep’s milk, or coconut, or Greek)
Raw bee pollen + raw honey for topping


1. Place yogurt into a bowl.

2. Cut the pitaya into cubes, and then incorporate into the yogurt by mixing.

3. Top yogurt with passion fruit, bee pollen, and honey.

4. Enjoy!

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Photo: Courtesy How You Glow

How You Glow

Recipe by: Tara Sowlaty
Photography by: Sasha Young

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