Pisces, Your September Horoscope Predicts A Brand New Boo

Roya Backlund
Pisces, Your September Horoscope Predicts A Brand New Boo
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This month, a relationship may be becoming way more serious in your life! In fact, your Pisces September 2021 horoscope begins with a beautiful opportunity to nourish your love for the people in your life. As a new moon initiates a new beginning in your seventh house of partnerships on September 6, you may find yourself becoming closer to someone new or strengthening a relationship you’re already in! But no matter what, you’re learning what type of relationship you really need.

All seriousness aside, your love life is in for a wild ride this month. As Venus sends fire to your ninth house of adventure as of September 10, you may feel like embracing a little spontaneity in your romantic relationships. You may be in the mood to travel with a lover or go on dates that involve activities you would never normally participate in. Regardless, you’re viewing love and all of its beauty with a more open mind.

However, it may feel a difficult to find your footing in your relationships by September 14. As the sun opposes Neptune on September 14, you may feel especially susceptible to believing lies as well as telling them. Concentrate on the facts when making decisions with your heart! As Mars also enters your emotional eighth house on September 14, you’re craving a deeper form of love; one that’s based on true intimacy.

A powerful moment culminates on September 20, when the Full Moon in Pisces takes place. This is your full moon! And it has the potential to shine a light deep into your soul, revealing the person you’re becoming. This full moon could lead to intense revelations about where you’re headed next, inspiring you to more fully inhabit your authentic self.

Once Libra season begins on September 22, you may feel more serious about your own personal growth. As the sun traverses your eighth house of transformation, you may spend this next season saying goodbye to something you’ve outgrown and saying hello to a more brilliant and hopeful part of your future. But first, you need to be willing to part ways!

Letting go may not feel easy at first. After all, Mercury will station retrograde in your intense eighth house on September 27, which could bring up financial and emotional ties from your past that you haven’t fully detached from. This retrograde will give you the opportunity to set yourself free, once and for all!

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