Pisces, Your October Horoscope Predicts Some Growing Pains

Roya Backlund
Pisces, Your October Horoscope Predicts Some Growing Pains
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You may be going through some growing pains this month, Pisces, but it’s all good. Your Pisces October 2021 horoscope begins with a beautiful opportunity to let go of what you’ve outgrown and are ready to put behind you. On October 6, a new moon will strike flint in your eighth house of transformation, prompting you to create space for something new while you sever ties with what’s been holding you back.

Luckily, no one is gonna see you sweat, because on October 7, Venus will send the paparazzi to your 10th house of reputation. This will have the whole town talking about you, so put your best selfies up on social media and you might just get more attention than you even need! However, you may attract some obsession by October 9. As Mercury and Mars join forces, controlling energy could tip the balances in a relationship, so remember to reign it in when needed.

You may be embracing a form of catharsis by October 15. As the sun joins forces with Jupiter, your spiritual life will become even more colorful and your imagination can help you heal in so many ways. Embrace what your intuition is telling you! By the time Mercury retrograde comes to an end on October 18, you may feel more confident about your ability to overcome challenges and put the past behind you.

A major financial revelation may befall you by October 20. This is when the full moon will send luxurious vibes to your second house of money, revealing all the ways you can budget better and all the ways you can improve your ability to increase your wealth and embrace a stronger foundation.

Things will begun to feel more uplifting and optimistic by the time Scorpio season begins on October 23! Adventure awaits you as the sun blasts through your ninth house of expansion and wisdom, encouraging you to have a more open mind about the opportunities that are at your disposal.

However, as Venus square off with Neptune on October 26, you may feel unsure about the level of authority you have over your life. Don’t let someone tell you what to do, especially if you don’t want to do it!

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