Pisces, Your October Horoscope Is All About Owning Your Self-Worth

Roya Backlund
Pisces, Your October Horoscope Is All About Owning Your Self-Worth
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You’re one of the most spiritually resilient signs in all the zodiac, Pisces. Some may think you’re an emotional mess, but you simply have the courage to actually feel your emotions! Your Pisces October 2020 horoscope is here, and the sun is in your eighth house of transformation, pushing you to accept the passing of time and the idea that not everything is meant to last forever. However, you will always rise from the ashes like a phoenix, and when a full moon takes place in your second house of values, you’ll come to terms with a deeper understanding of your self-worth. You are enough all on your own, Pisces. There’s no need to prove anything at all!

And when Venus moves into your harmonious seventh house of partnerships on October 2, you’ll realize that no realize that no relationship should make you feel like you need to change who you are. A relationship is worth keeping only if it inspires you to be the most authentic version of yourself! You deserve a healthy, nurturing bond, Pisces, so don’t settle for less. When Venus enters your passionate eighth house of death and rebirth, it will give you a better understand of who has your back in the hardest of times. You’re craving dedication on both ends, and you have no room in your life for fair-weather friends!

A new moon on October 16 floods your world with intensity. You’re beginning a deeply personal and emotional process of internal growth! This isn’t easy stuff, but it’s incredibly empowering. This is a beautiful time to spend with your shadow self. Acknowledge every part of you and all the strength that you’ve gained from the difficult experiences you’ve had. You’re going to need this sort of radical self-acceptance as you conquer this meaningful new chapter in your life.

That said, you may find yourself getting a little lost when Mercury stations retrograde in your ninth house of adventure on October 13. If you’re hoping for a road map at this time, you won’t find one! The universe wants you to get lost; it wants you to let go of your need for control and just allow the chips to fall where they may. Sometimes you need to get a little lost before you find yourself! And when Mercury steps back into your eighth house of transformation on October 27, you’ll realize the poetry behind all the weirdness.

A full moon lands in your third house of communication on October 31, pushing you to end the month on an honest note. What have you always wanted to say, but never had the guts to utter out loud? Now’s the time, Pisces. Get the truth off your chest!


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