Pisces, Your May Horoscope Is Proof Your Hard Work Is Paying Off

Roya Backlund
Pisces, Your May Horoscope Is Proof Your Hard Work Is Paying Off
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You’re entering the month of May feeling social and ready to speak your mind! However, your Pisces May 2021 horoscope is encouraging you to get reacquainted with your heart. As of May 8, both Mercury and Venus will have entered your cozy fourth house of home and family. This will drive up your desire to spend more time with the ones you love, as well as to spruce up your living space so that you actually enjoy being home!

However, don’t expect things to slow down too much. After all, on May 11, this month’s new moon will encourage you to use your voice more effectively and communicate with those who leave you feeling intellectually stimulated. It will also leave your mind feeling wired and ready to go, putting you in a powerful position to learn new things! But the real excitement begins on May 13, when Jupiter enters Pisces. This will have you feeling so much more confident and ready to embrace growth and abundance. You’ve done so much inner reflection and healing recently and you’re prepared to go back out into the world and leave your mark! Good for you, babe.

You’ll really see what your social skills are made come May 17. This is when the sun will form a trine with Pluto in your extraverted 11th house, encouraging you to deepen your connections with your community at large. It will also tap into your desire to make the world a better place as you bring people together for a common cause. This experience could be quite healing, and on May 19, you may even feel ready to be vulnerable with those you love and care for. As Venus forms a trine with Saturn in your spiritual 12th house, you may realize how your kindness and empathy can improve the lives of not only others, but yourself.

Things will start moving even faster when Gemini season begins on May 20. That’s because a lunar eclipse will follow on May 26, activating your 10th house of career. This could evoke abrupt changes in your professional life, which may lead to the sudden loss of certain opportunities, but also the rapid rise of new goals and new understandings of what “success” means to you. This has the power to reshape your goals altogether!

As Mercury stations retrograde on May 29, it may create conflict at home. However, it’s only bringing lingering resentments and unacknowledged problems to the surface, forcing you to finally fix those problems. So, it’s a good thing! Be kind to yourself throughout this process and you’ll be stronger for it.

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