Pisces, Your March Horoscope Predicts A VERY Important Month

Roya Backlund
Pisces, Your March Horoscope Predicts A VERY Important Month
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You’re tapping into your nurturing and protective qualities as this month begins, Pisces. Mars enters your emotional fourth house of home and family on March 3, inspiring you to fight for the home life you’ve always wanted! Even though you might be navigating conflicts in your personal space, overcoming them with sensitivity and care will bring you so much closer to your loved ones. Let your Pisces March 2021 horoscope help guide you there!

March is a super important month for you, Pisces. After all, the New Moon in Pisces takes place on March 13, activating a powerful and spiritual new beginning in every facet of your life. Leave behind the “old” you and embrace the new one! When Venus and Neptune join forces in your first house of the self, compassionate and forgiving energy will sweep through your sense of self, bringing you closer to the love that you truly deserve! And when Mercury enters Pisces on March 15, you’ll discover a deeper confidence in the way you speak and communicate your wants and needs. Don’t make yourself small when you’re meant to stand out!

Everything that you learned during Pisces season will set into place during Aries season. After the sun enters your second house of self-esteem on March 20, it will tap into your desire for stability of the self. Take note of everything in your life that you feel proud of and count each thing you’re grateful for. When Venus enters your grounded and luxurious second house on March 21, it will infuse your love life with that same down-to-earth energy. Let your relationships be strengthened. This transit will also attract abundance and tap into your desire to purchase items you’ve been lusting after. Treat yourself!

What’s really settling into place on March 21 is emotional stability. As Mars forms a trine with Saturn, it will bring you inner peace as long as you’re willing to embrace it. Tap into what your heart needs and trust that it’s coming to you. However, by March 23, some friction might challenge that stability as Mercury squares off with Mars. Exerting your sense of self might require you to step outside of your comfort zone, but there’s no reason why you can’t take the process slow. Either way, a transformation is taking place by March 28, when the full moon radiates throughout your eighth house of death and rebirth. Embrace the fact that the past is in the past, but you’re turning the page to a new, incredible story.

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