Pisces, Your July Horoscope Predicts A Rush Of Inspiration, So Tap Into Your Creativity

Pisces, Your July Horoscope Predicts A Rush Of Inspiration, So Tap Into Your Creativity
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The cosmos have got your back, Pisces. Because you’re such a naturally psychic zodiac sign, your Pisces July 2022 horoscope starts with some positive reinforcement from the universe. Although you’re doing some internal work this month, your introspection isn’t all for naught! As you sort through your inner workings, you’ll discover diamonds in the rough. Give yourself a chance to process, because your subconscious is cooking up something good!

As the full moon in Capricorn on July 13 shines a light on your 11th house of community, it will also share a connection with your idealistic sun. Socializing with others and sharing your thoughts will bring you a subtle revelation, activating the sector of your chart that heightens hopes and goals. Because the sun will spend the majority of the month in fellow water sign Cancer, the astrology of July is putting you in the mood to love those around you! However, you’ll want to make sure you don’t deplete yourself by catering to others, especially when creative inspiration is not infinite.

When the sun enters Leo on July 22, it will be time to catch up on your self-care! Sharing a harmonious aspect to healing Chiron, the end of the month will be centered on nurturing your physical wellbeing as well as creating a routine that works for you. After all, you deserve some R&R!

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Most of the month will be spent indulging in creative projects, seeing friends and deciding what you’re passionate about! When Venus glides into Cancer on July 17, it will make you feel right at home with your loved ones, opening you up to new friendships and beautiful opportunities to become smitten. Maintaining healthy boundaries and habits will be especially significant on July 28, when a new moon in Cancer launches the beginning of a love affair! This love affair may involve a friend or an artistic outlet, but it will most likely involve a new crush too. 

There may be a strong current of ideas that fills up your inbox with potential projects and opportunities this month. You might even get that interview you’ve been waiting on during this cycle. Even when the pressure is on, you are able to move through your daily work needs with grace and dignity! However, due to Jupiter stationing retrograde on July 28, the financial sector of your chart may take a temporary hit. Instead of worrying over finances, take a leap of faith and understand that money will come your way soon. Rather than spending endless nights consumed with the dread of looming bills, find a creative venture that you can make money from. It will prove to be lucrative over the next few weeks and save you from unnecessary stress!

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