Pisces, Your July Horoscope Urges You To Be Kind To Yourself

Roya Backlund
Pisces, Your July Horoscope Urges You To Be Kind To Yourself
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Pisces, your July 2021 horoscope predicts that you may be battling some of your most subconscious fears as your month begins. After all, on July 1, Mars will oppose Saturn, which may bring up anxieties surrounding your ability to succeed and stay productive. Talking down to yourself will only make it worse, so work on praising yourself for accomplishing the little things. Before you know it, you’ll be out of your funk!

In fact, as the new moon radiates throughout your creative fifth house on July 9, you may feel renewed and inspired by the simple act of having fun. Unleash your inner child and give yourself permission to break the rules and play around. Don’t place so much pressure on yourself when you’re simply an artist who wants to make a mess.

You’ll see how much you’re capable of artistically by July 12, when Mercury forms a trine with Jupiter—your ruling planet—and taps into your poetic genius. Your mind is brimming with beautiful ideas, so you might as well breathe life into them! As the sun forms a trine with Neptune on July 15, you may find that your desire to escape from boredom and monotony is impossible to resist. Find healthy outlets for that desire as you benefit from the furthest stretches of your imagination.

By the time Venus enters your relationship sector on July 21, your social life and your love life will receive a revitalizing boost. You may be craving some one-on-one time with your crush, so you may as well ask them out and have a night out on the town! If your relationship is becoming more serious, it may even be time to make things official.

You might start feeling more stable and mature by July 22, when the sun enters your productive sixth house. This will help you revitalize your daily routine so that you get the most out of your time. Making smart decisions now will lead to a much-improved tomorrow!

However, don’t forget to tend to your spiritual well-being along the way, because on July 23, the full moon will send magic to your sector of inner healing. You may spend this time coming to terms with some deep, dark truths, so give your subconscious time to process these developments. When Jupiter retrogrades back into your spiritual 12th house on July 28, it will jumpstart a period of inner reflection that will last all year long. Look inside your heart, Pisces. And remember to be kind to yourself!

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