Pisces, Your July 2020 Horoscope Urges You To Help Create Change

Roya Backlund
Pisces, Your July 2020 Horoscope Urges You To Help Create Change
Photo: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

The month of July will challenge your commitment to your creativity, Pisces. At times you may feel as though you’re struggling to be inspired, but trust that you’re learning how to find light in times of darkness. Since Mercury is retrograding through your fifth house of fun and pleasure until July 11, it may feel as though everything has lost its spark. If the things that normally bring you joy feel meaningless or you’re feeling unable to fully express yourself, fear not. While your Pisces July 2020 horoscope may begin with confusion, it ends with more beauty than you’ll know what to do with!

Especially when the new moon in Cancer—your fellow water sign—takes place on July 20. This new moon will help you fall in love with life all over again, giving you a renewed appreciation for all the wonderful little things you may have been overlooking before.

However, the month of July isn’t just about you; it’s about your connection to everyone else. On July 5, a transformative blood moon/lunar eclipse will invigorate your 11th house of community with powerful energy. You might be drawn to a whole new set of like-minded people, ones who share your values and bring out the best in you. This could even be the start of a movement; one that inspires you to take on a leadership role! This eclipse will encourage you to ask yourself: “How can I make the world a better place?”

You’re also learning that changing the world often begins with yourself. As healing Chiron retrogrades through your second house of self-worth starting July 12, you’re working through all your self-doubt and self-esteem issues. This transit will help you remember that you are enough, just as you are! You are a unique and beautiful individual that no one else is like. Quit comparing yourself to others, and keep in mind that we are all on our own journey. Keep your eyes on your own paper, Pisces, and rest assured you are worth much more than you realize right now.

Cancer season is about rediscovering your beauty, Pisces. When powerful, bold, and confident Leo season begins on July 22, it will activate your sixth house of routine, inspiring you to get to work. Map out your goals and commit to becoming your best self. Remember: Rome wasn’t built in a day!

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