Pisces, Your January Horoscope Wants You to Focus on New Friendships

Roya Backlund
Pisces, Your January Horoscope Wants You to Focus on New Friendships
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You’re craving human connection this month, Pisces! In fact, your Pisces January 2022 Horoscope begins with an opportunity to expand your social circle. On January 2, a new moon will spark something new in your 11th house of community, enhancing your desire to become a stronger participant in the cliques and groups you’re involved with.

Because Venus is retrograding through your friendly 11th house, you may find yourself at odds with the general consensus. This retrograde will continue until January 29, encouraging you to rethink the affect these social politics have on you. It may be time to change the energy of your social life! After all, you deserve to have a squad that truly gets you. Don’t settle for less.

When Mercury stations retrograde in your 12th house of spirituality on January 14, you may feel the need to withdraw from human interaction and center yourself. As you embrace solitude, you may at times feel lonely, but you could also learn how to appreciate your own company. As Mercury re-enters your extraverted 11th house on January 25, people from your past may try to reconnect and you may find yourself reliving some past traumas and experiences. Remember, Pisces—you don’t need to make the same mistakes twice.

If you’re constantly thinking about how you can fit in, you’ll forget how it looks to stand out! On January 17, a full moon will send magic to your fifth house of romance and self-expression. This colorful experience will remind you how talented you are. You are unique and worthy of love, so don’t let someone else’s opinions dictate your self-worth.

You’re diving deeper into your dreamworld by January 19, when Aquarius season moves the sun into your introspective 12th house. You have a vast ocean within you, so don’t focus so much on what’s happening on dry land, babe! Instead, explore your inner reaches and discover your imaginary world.

When Mars accelerates things in your 11th house of teamwork, it could transform your perspective of your social network. You deserve to connect with others, but make sure you’re going into new friendships with the right expectations!

When Mercury retrograde joins forces with Pluto on January 28, you’ll gain a better understanding of who truly has your back. However, you may remain concerned about the people who’s intentions are still unclear, so keep your priorities straight!

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