Pisces—Your September Horoscope Says A Full Moon Has Your Name Written All Over It

Roya Backlund
Pisces—Your September Horoscope Says A Full Moon Has Your Name Written All Over It
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You’re an incredibly sensitive water sign, which means you’re always tuned into everyone’s energy. In fact, your Pisces horoscope for September 2022 says you might find yourself becoming keenly aware of someone’s motives as this month begins! When Mercury in your intuitive eighth house forms an opposition with Jupiter on September 2, it may prompt you to get to the bottom of a situation that’s been leaving you nervous. Put on your investigator’s hat, because you’re cracking down on each clue!

However, once Mercury stations retrograde on September 9, you may find that deep-seated secrets are beginning to surface. You may even find that a lingering conflict from your past gets resurrected, prompting you to see the situation in a very different light. Remember how you used to feel? Yeah, that was a *very* long time ago, Pisces! Although this retrograde may show you deeper truths, it could also lead to some stressful power struggles, especially if exes and old frenemies are still siphoning your energy in the present.

You’ll have a powerful moment of truth once the full moon in Pisces rises on September 10, bringing your focus to your opinion of yourself rather than the opinions of others. It’s time to see yourself for who you really are, outside of the relationships and investments you’re associated with. You’re stepping into your truth and announcing your independence to the world. You have talents nobody can take away from you, Pisces.

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By September 18, there may be some retrograde-related developments that take place. After all, this is when Mercury will oppose Jupiter in your second house of money and self-worth, which could cause you to rethink the way you’ve been seeking validation. Are you judging yourself based on how much money is in your bank account? Are you basing your sense of self-worth on whether or not your ex wants to get back together? Screw that, Pisces. You’re literally as powerful as the whole entire ocean, so start remembering it! When Venus forms an opposition with Neptune in Pisces on September 24, you may have a hard time seeing your relationships clearly. Don’t make judgments yet, especially if it seems too good to be true!

When a new moon in Libra brings blessings to your eighth house of death and rebirth on September 25, you’re bringing the month to a close on a cliffhanger. You may be letting go of something that’s been holding you back; something you have a long history with. Even if the future is hard to imagine, know the universe has something beautiful in store for you. Just wait and see!

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