Pisces, Your December Horoscope Wants You To Chase Your Dream Job

Roya Backlund
Pisces, Your December Horoscope Wants You To Chase Your Dream Job
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This month, your ambitions may be evolving. Your Pisces December 2021 horoscope is here and it’s all about making your professional dreams happen. On December 4, a solar eclipse will send shockwaves throughout your 10th house of career and put you on the path toward the right kind of success. Let go of pipe dreams and dead-end jobs, because you’re ready embrace what you’re truly passionate about.

Once Mars activates your authoritative 10th house as of December 13, you’ll feel even more serious about your goals and have all the energy needed to go after them. This transit will help you demand what you want from your chosen field—because if you don’t ask for it, there’s a big chance you won’t get it. Take matters into your own hands, because you’re not here to settle!

On December 18, a full moon may pull your focus away from work as it shines a light on your fourth house of domestic bliss. There may be an issue at home that needs addressing! However, by December 19, you may feel like you can’t rely on others for help. As Venus stations retrograde in your 11th house of community, it could feel difficult to establish harmony within your circle of friends and colleagues.

You might realize that the dynamic has become uncomfortable, cliquey or even shady, forcing you to reconsider who has your back and who doesn’t. But when Capricorn season begins on December 21, it will help you rethink your understanding of your social life and build up a community that you can trust.

Navigating the politics of your network could reach a tipping point by December 25. This is when Venus retrograde will join forces with Pluto, bringing your feelings about the situation to the surface. You may feel like doing something questionable to express these feelings, so it’s important to keep in mind that haters only win when they succeed in bringing you down.

This month may be an overwhelming one, but it’s leaving you with a gift on December 28. This is when Jupiter will enter Pisces, launching a transit that will define the year 2022 with confidence, self-love and so much courage! Don’t make yourself small to please others, because you’re about to feel bigger and better than ever!

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