Pisces, Your December Horoscope Is All About Getting Sh*t Done

Roya Backlund
Pisces, Your December Horoscope Is All About Getting Sh*t Done
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If you think December will be nothing but scrumptious holiday dinners and lounging by the fire with an eggnog cocktail, you’ve got another thing coming. Your Pisces December 2020 horoscope starts with the sun in your driven 10th house of social status and this month, so you’ve got business and boldness on your mind. It’s time to compete harder than ever before and get your name out there.

In fact, when a solar eclipse lands in your 10th house of career on December 14, it might even indicate the beginning of a new career altogether. Have you been entertaining the thought of switching fields? Applying for a new job? Demanding that promotion you know you’re ready for? December might be the month to do it, because the universe is asking you to level up fast.

And don’t think that just because you’re a bit of a workaholic this month you can’t find time for love. On December 15, romantic Venus will activate your ambitious 10th house, inspiring you to turn your sweet and innocent relationship into a full-blown power couple situation. What you want is the Jay-Z to your Beyoncé, so figure out ways you and your partner can help further each other’s careers.

By December 21, you’ll be in the perfect zone to start networking. Capricorn season moves into your social 11th house, making it the perfect time to reach out to your colleagues and ask them for advice, opportunities, and inspiration. Networking is more than just connecting via LinkedIn—it’s facilitating an environment where you can mix business with friendship and help one another to thrive personally and professionally.

However, as you work hard trying to keep up with your goals in the material realm, it’s the spirit realm that will be calling to you on December 21 as well. A major astrological turning point takes place when growth-oriented Jupiter and committed Saturn form a conjunction in your 12th house of imagination and subconscious. This can lead to startling revelations about all that you’ve been holding inside. Work on releasing and forgiving yourself.

By December 29, a full moon will dawn in your fifth house of art and inspiration, leading to a major creative breakthrough. Let go of the paperwork and statistics. Tap into the right side of your brain and express yourself!

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