Pisces, Your August Horoscope Basically Tells You To Screw Commitment

Roya Backlund
Pisces, Your August Horoscope Basically Tells You To Screw Commitment
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 Pisces, you’re such a dreamy and imaginative zodiac sign that people are used to you zoning out (and sometimes stressing out, too). That said, your Pisces August 2020 horoscope is here and you’re feeling inspired to reduce your stress by eating heathy, getting active and even meditating! The month begins with the Leo sun sending power to your productive sixth house of work and health. Now is not the time to zone out, Pisces; you want to banish procrastination and prove to yourself that you can get anything done if you put your mind to it!

Plus, when brainiac Mercury enters your sixth house on August 4, you’ll be making every decision with your well-being in mind. In fact, meditation is a must, especially when the full moon in Aquarius sends so much magic to your 12th house of dreams and spirituality. Your subconscious will be bursting with insight! This is a beautiful time to tune into your intuition and analyze the way you’re really feeling. If you have a hunch about something, trust it, because the full moon is sending you lots of psychic energy to guide you forward.

Prepare for romance to blossom and bloom all around you, because Venus—planet of love and luxury—enters your fifth house of fun and pleasure on August 7. Spend this time going on some fun and flirtatious dates! Commitment isn’t necessary right now, nor is getting “serious”. You’ll feel so sexy and desirable that you’ll enjoy mixing romance with your freedom!

By the time the new moon in Leo takes place on August 17, you may feel ready to finally commit to a routine, Pisces. However, this doesn’t mean changing your inherently free-spirited, go-with-the-flow personality! Your routine should work for you, Pisces, and it might look totally different than someone else’s. As long as you’re producing results and prioritizing your needs, you’re doing it exactly right.

When Virgo season begins on August 22, your social life will begin to flutter with tons of energy. After all, this is when the sun enters your seventh house of partnerships! However, you’re not just spending time with a bunch of acquaintances; you’re forming one-on-one relationships with your very own inside jokes. What’s not to love about that? Prioritize these connections and be grateful for good friends.

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