Pippa Middleton’s Royal Heiny Lands Her A Book Deal

Spencer Cain

It’s nice to see that Kate Middleton‘s sister Pippa has really gone off in her own direction and isn’t parlaying any of her fancy schmancy royal connections to further her own career. Oh, wait…

Apparently, the sister whose rear end was the most talked about part of the royal wedding (besides of course Wills’ thinning hair) is meeting with executives at HarperCollins and other massive publishing houses to get the ball rolling on a book she wants to pen about party planning. Considering all she does IS party, it seems like a good fit. But seriously, who wants to read this? Especially since she probably won’t even write it herself. (Really, where would 99.99% of celebrities be without ghost writers?)

Pippa will allegedly rake in at least $1.6 million from the deal, which is just absurd. I’d rather see the Middleton girls collaborate on a budget style book, where they each discuss their frugal shopping habits. Considering they have kept, like, every celebrity tabloid in business with “Get the look for less!” articles over the past six months, it seems like a way better fit.

Honestly, whatever. If my sister was the Duchess of Cambridge, I would probably use it to my advantage too. Not all of us can be Bill Cunningham, right?