Pinterest’s Story Pins Are A Whole New Way To Create Content

Jane Asher
Pinterest’s Story Pins Are A Whole New Way To Create Content
Photo: Courtesy of Adobe and Pinterest.

We love Pinterest for so many reasons: endless wedding inspiration, pages and pages of healthy recipe ideas (as well as some not-so-healthy dessert recipes, not that we’re complaining), street style content and beauty hacks galore. And now, Pinterest has changed the game by introducing a brand-new feature to step up our Pinning game: Pinterest Story Pins.

What are Story Pins, you ask? If you’re expecting something similar to Instagram Stories, think again—they’re far more similar to IGTV videos. With Story Pins, creators and Pinners can create video content right on Pinterest, whether it’s a matcha latte recipe, fall outfit ideas montage or a natural-ingredient cleaning hack. The video feature allows creators to provide more visual detail to their audience, who would normally have to learn based solely off of photos. Video is the future, people!

The new Story Pins “give creators a way to tell dynamic and visual stories with videos, voiceover and image and text overlay,” said Pinterest in a press release about the new feature. “We’re making it easier for creators who are eager to share their talent, passions and creativity to flow back directly into Pinterest without the need for a website.”

Of course, Story Pins aren’t just great for content creators—Pinterest users seeking said content will love them as well. “For Pinners, this means the ideas within a Pin will be more engaging and actionable,” the press release confirmed. Sounds like a win-win for everyone involved!

In the video above, you can see first-hard exactly what Story Pins will look like when you head to Pinterest for a quick Pinning sesh. Story Pins may seem a bit different than regular Pins, but they function just the same. You can Pin them to one of your own boards and they’ll surface in search, your home feed and the Today tab.

Why create this new feature in the first place, you ask? “Creators are the heart and soul of Pinterest, building content that inspires people around the world,” the company said in Pinterest’s press release. “We want Pinterest to be a place not just to be inspired, but a platform where people can inspire others.” Consider us thoroughly inspired and ready to put everything we learned into action.

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Courtesy of Pinterest.

BTW, this is a major win for foodies in particular, as recipes on Pinterest are now more interactive than ever. Crafters, too! It’s never been easier to find inspiration for your next DIY thanks to the new Story Pin video format. Story Pins are meant to be educational and inspirational, helping to motivate you to replicate what you learned on your screen in your own home.

Oh, and if you’re loving Story Pins, you’ll finally be able to show it. Another new feature has been added to the site and app: Pinners can now react to regular Pins and Story Pins using reaction emojis, which represent praise along the lines of “great idea,” “wow” and “thanks.” Hey Pinterest, if you’re reading this: Wow, Thanks, Story Pins are a Great Idea!

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